Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Although there are many reasons to consider post frame construction, here are the

“Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Pole Barn”.


  1. Ignoring Local Building and Safety Codes – Before you start building, a good contractor should have ensured that all building codes, surveys and digging permits have been pulled for your job.  The last thing a home, business or farm owner wants… is to incur a fine by accidently damaging underground utilities, unknowingly building too close to a neighboring property line or having to make a costly design change to your project after inspection.
  2. Not Considering Future Needs – You’ve thought of everything you are going to put into your new pole barn and determined how much space you’ll need.  But, you still need to think about the future… Are you thinking of purchasing a boat in the future?  Will you need overhead storage?  How many things that you plan to store may require electric?  Might you need a larger access into your structure?  Taking all these types of things into consideration may prevent you from feeling like you made the mistake once your post frame project is finished.
  3. Trying to Do-It-Yourself – Despite all things listed above, one of the best ways to ensure that your pole barn performs the best it can (and adds value to your property) is to entrust an expert to complete your project.  Purchasing a kit and attempting to build your project by yourself may save you a little money up front; however, without the proper manpower, tools and expert craftsmanship your new post frame building might become more of burden than an investment.
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