The System

Centurydrain is part of “The System”

Centurydrain’s enhanced performance is a product of “The System”: the most tightly quality-coordinated manufacturing and paint finishing process in the industry. Every step (from 100 percent Wheeling-Pittsburgh galvanized steel through roll forming) is engineered to deliver roofing and siding with increased durability, a superior finish, and greater value. Value spelled out in a rock-solid performance certification.

Centurydrain®… the best looking building material in the country or the suburbs.

Centurydrain makes a building tough enough for just about any rural application, yet it’s clean, sharp profile and crisp colors transform virtually any structure – even commercial, light industrial, and residential – into a genuine showplace. Centurydrain is packed with the kinds of features you want:

  • Rugged, hardened 100,000-plus psi high tensile galvanized steel,
  • The most efficient drain channel on the market
  • Super tight fitting side laps; a and
  • Colors that will stay bright and chalk-free well into the next century.

Put up Centurydrain and you’ve put up a handsome, cost efficient structure that will stay tight, dry, and durable enough to weather season after season of punishing wind, rain, snow, and sun.